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While appointing a registered agent can be a relatively simple process, the requirements vary at the state level and have become increasingly complex. Registered agents are critical to avoiding default judgments and ensuring you maintain good standing, while minimizing business risk and service interruption.

Registered agents must stay on top of state business laws and regulatory changes in an efficient, cost-effective manner while continuously evolving their service and technology offerings.

At Computershare, we integrate service and technology to provide our clients with a centralized, expert managed solution. Our clients receive a single-source, managed solution with central visibility into all of their registered agent and entity compliance needs.

Our solution offers:


Transparent fee structure

No hidden costs and built-in administration fees


Dedicated support model

A support team made up of service, compliance and technology experts


Integrated entity management

Our platform is designed for subsidiary governance success


Managed service approach

Comprehensive service and technology administration

Why you need a registered agent

A registered agent, or statutory agent, is a third-party provider designated to receive service-of-process (SOP) notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State and other official government notifications on behalf of the corporation or LLC.

Under state law, every company is required to have a registered agent located in the state of incorporation and in all states where the company is qualified to transact business.

Are you aware of the key components to consider when it comes to choosing your register agent to ensure you are getting the most out of your service?

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"CGS’s Registered Agent Services has freed up time that I was devoting to scheduling, preparing and meeting the deadlines for all our Annual Report filings. CGS maintains the schedule, prepares and accomplishes the filings, and uploads the filing data/document into GEMS. I don’t know how I kept up with it all, but I now have room to breathe knowing that CGS is on top of it."

— Jo-Ellen Kiddie, AAR Corp.

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