What if you could free up 21 work days?

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Don’t settle on getting by. Get better.

Corporate governance professionals today are facing increasing complexity in managing their entity compliance obligations, often with less budget and manpower. Staying on top of service of process obligations, annual report filings, and other compliance requirements to keep your entities in good standing can quickly dominate your workload.

Free yourself from the administrative tasks that consume hours of your day so you can focus on more strategic priorities.

Computershare’s Registered Agent Service delivers a new level of transparency and efficiency to meet the needs of today’s corporate governance professional – allowing clients to save an average of 21 days in administrative work and uncover previously undisclosed compliance risks lurking at the entity level.

The entity compliance practices of yesterday are no longer adequate. If your registered agent hasn’t evolved to meet today’s demands, that could mean more work for you and exposure to unnecessary risk for your company.


Start improving your registered agent process today

Increasing regulatory requirements and the growing demands of your corporate governance responsibilities are making it harder to stay on top of your entity compliance obligations. By switching to Computershare, you can:

  • Streamline and digitize entity compliance workflows in one centralized platform

  • Have your registered agent data updated for you by a team of experts

  • Gain centralized visibility to all service of process documents

  • Have a clear view of annual report deadlines and the filing status

  • Receive dedicated support through a single point of contact

  • Receive one consolidated invoice

Appointing Computershare as your registered agent is simple

You provide your unit list. We’ll take care of the rest (and we’ll do it for free!)

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you have confidence in your entity compliance obligations.

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