What if 5% of
your entities were

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Don’t settle on getting by. Get better.

In a recent review of the companies that switched to Computershare’s Registered Agent Service, we found that on average 5% of the legal entities were not in good standing. 

If a range of your entities weren’t compliant, would you know which ones were at risk?

If your current registered agent does not provide you an integrated service with automation to eliminate duplication and repetitive tasks and experts to seamlessly prepare annual reports, manage entity updates and take care of time-consuming oversight on your behalf, you may be stuck in an outdated process – and may be at risk of non-compliance.

Don’t be fooled by these registered agent myths


Not all registered agents are the same

Without accessible and transparent data from your registered agent, compliance issues can go unnoticed or ignored. As a result, every day you’re at risk to incur penalties that could damage your company’s reputation or worse — cause major disruptions to your business.

By switching easily to Computershare, you can:

  • Streamline and digitize entity compliance workflows in one centralized platform

  • Have your registered agent data updated for you by a team of experts

  • Increase your visibility to the service of process documents and annual report filings in every state you operate in

  • Receive dedicated support through a single point of contact

  • Receive one consolidated invoice

Improve your registered agent process today

Appointing Computershare as your registered agent is simple. You provide your unit list. We’ll take care of the rest (and we’ll do it for free!)

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you have confidence in your entity compliance obligations.

× Don’t be fooled by these registered agent myths