Protect your business with a trusted registered agent


Protect your business with a trusted registered agent

While appointing a registered agent can be a relatively simple process, the requirements vary at the state level and have become increasingly complex. Registered agents are critical to avoiding default judgments and ensuring you maintain good standing, while minimizing business risk and service interruption.

Registered agents must stay on top of state business laws and regulatory changes in an efficient, cost-effective manner while continuously evolving their service and technology offerings.

At Computershare, we integrate service and technology to provide our clients with a centralized, expert managed solution. Our clients receive a single-source, managed solution with central visibility into all of their registered agent and entity compliance needs.

Our solution offers:

Managed service approach

Comprehensive service and technology administration

Dedicated support model

Dedicated support team: service, compliance & technology experts

Data security

Best-in-class hosting with robust security certifications and procedures

Transparent fee structure

Transparent, aggressive model with built-in administration fees