Increased regulatory scrutiny and ever-changing compliance requirements make it crucial to review your registered agent’s technology and service offerings to ensure your company maintains good standing.

While appointing a registered agent can be a relatively simple process, the requirements vary at the state level and have become increasingly complex. Registered agents are critical to avoiding default judgments and ensuring you maintain good standing, while minimizing business risk and service interruption.

At Computershare, we integrate service and technology to provide our clients with a centralized, expert managed solution. As a full-service registered agent we provide statutory representation, annual report filings, and on-demand compliance services in all U.S. states as well as the U.S Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and Canada.

When you partner with Computershare you benefit from:


Dedicated support through a single point-of-contact

You’ll work with a dedicated team of support resources managed by a single point of contact. This team of experts will help support all your registered agent services including annual reports, service of process and any on-demand needs.


Experts to manage administrative tasks to reduce your workload

As part of your dedicated support team, our managed administrative services group will take care of the time-consuming oversight, filing and updating of your registered agent data in your online portal. Having a team of specialists in your corner means you don’t need to rely solely on software – there’s always a person working on your behalf so you can focus on other priorities.


Streamlined compliance procedures

At Computershare, we integrate service and technology to provide our clients with a centralized, expert managed solution. With timely and accurate updates to data and documents, your portal becomes your single source of information allowing you to reduce the risk and complexities associated with compliance filings.


Simple, Transparent Pricing

Have confidence in what you are spending for registered agent services. Our refreshing approach to pricing provides clients with a clear understanding of costs and our standardized billing schedule eliminates unexpected invoices.

Are you aware of the key components to consider when it comes to choosing your register agent to ensure you are getting the most out of your service?

Centralizing entity management


Save time, decrease costs and reduce risk with a fully integrated entity compliance platform

A single system that provides visibility into your entity governance and registered agent needs makes managing your subsidiaries easier and more efficient. At Computershare, we integrate our registered agent service offering with our Global Entity Management System (GEMS) to provide our clients with a single-source, managed solution with central visibility into all of their registered agent and entity compliance needs.

With our GEMS platform serving as the fundamental component of our service offering, our team of  industry experts can customize the platform to give you everything you need for subsidiary governance success. 

Contact us today to learn more about you can effectively manage subsidiaries through one integrated platform.

Switching to Computershare is simple


We make switching to Computershare simple, efficient and hassle-free. All we need is your unit list and we’ll take care of the rest (and we’ll do it for free!

Our dedicated support team will: 


Conduct a state audit of each unit to verify good standing


Submit all change of agent forms


Pay for all state fees associated with transferring your provider


Honor any existing renewal dates


Upload your data into our entity management platform

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